Tunisia Design Week is curated exhibition areas that present the latest developments at the forefront of contemporary Tunisian & African design.

Tunisia Design Week, an international fair dedicated to design and architecture, organized by the “Tunisia Design Organization”, will be held from 25 to 27 October under the aegis of both Tunisians ministries of Culture and tourism, and with the partnership of the Embassy of the European Union in Tunisia.

TDO is part of the World Design Organization ‘WDO’, an NGO with more than 160 organizations worldwide 

TDO aims to promote Tunisia through the design and development of Tunisian designersʼ know-how on a national and international level.

It is in this framework that TDO will be holding the first edition of the Tunisia Design Week. This 3-day event is dedicated to product design, revisited contemporary art and handicraft combining both exhibitions of renowned designers, emerging talents, independent studios but also well-established brands and art galleries.

This exhibition will also be an opportunity to exchange and share knowledge through several conferences and workshops which will be moderated by prestigious guests, precursors in their field. It will also set ground for business opportunities by creating collaborations with designers and design institutes.

Tunisia Design Week will be a unique opportunity to highlight Tunisian design and rethink its international positioning under the prism of luxury and design, but also to consolidate the design community, to bring the voice of design in Tunisia and raise the awareness of public and private sector that design is a lever of powerful economic growth, which can be deployed to all sectors including industry. 

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Meet the team

Sonia Hafaiedh President
Sarra Hafaiedh Vice President
Basma Dellagi General Secretary