Maya Luxury Bathing


Combining  clean lines and geometric forms, MAYA LUXURY BATHING® is a high-end sanitary and bathing brand made only by Corian®.
The design is the result of a mix between different artistic styles : Breight colors, iconic symbols and graphic forms coexist and intertwine into modern and sophisticated creations with extensive attention to detail .

The exquisite and original pieces all made in Corian reinvent the bathroom atmosphere and exaltes your senses with the delicate touch of the material .

Maya Luxury Bathing® is a high – end brand of sanitary products, it proposes an innovative vision and a new identity to the space. The brand reinvents the atmosphere bathroom and exalts your senses for your comfort and serenity.

Thanks to her career in interior Architecture, the Creator get inspired from the universes of design, architecture and fashion to propose a luxury bathroom line with modern and innovative materials.

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